Song Of The Day!

I just love this song! My friend, Mayra, wishes a guy would sing this for her. I don’t really care for that kind of that stuff right now anyway.



Sup people! I’m here to say that I’m at home and not feeling good. I feel like I need to post because I haven’t posted in like forever so yeah, it’s a good evening or good morning (if you don’t live in the same country I do) post.

chapter 1part 1

As I stared out my window, I saw a flash of lightning. I sighed. ” All it ever does around here is storm” I said. My sister came towards me and put her hands on my shoulders.”Jasmine, it’ll be okay” Sarah soothed. “No Sarah it won’t be okay!” I snapped. “Thanks to you we are now part of the Fallen!” “Well I am sorry okay? It’s not like I did it on purpose!” Sarah shouted and stromed off. “Where are you going?” I shouted. “Out!” “Then be back by 6. Okay?” Sarah turned and nodded. As I watched her run off I thought to myself: What am I going to do with her?

Sarah’s P.O.V (point of veiw)

I can’t believe her! I just want to comfront her and she goes screaming and kicking me! Sometimes I wish I never had met her. Or that she wasn’t born.But then I would miss her. I guess that’s what sisters do. You fight then you forgive and forget. I suddenly stopped. Everything was quiet, and it stopped raining. But it was to quiet…   Then something grabbed me behined and ingected something in me. As I slipped into unconscious I thought about how I never got to say sorry to Jasmine.